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Dentokan Pattishall

We are proud to be an active not-for-profit organisation that centres the passion of knowledge and technical skills for all traditional martial arts styles.

At Dentokan Pattishall, we are more focused on traditional Shorin-ryu Karate, Aikijujutsu, Ryukyu (Okinawan) Kobujutsu, and Goju-ryu.

Complete Beginners

All beginners are absolutely welcomed to start their martial arts journey with us. Our dojo is open during all training times.

We also have many adult beginners who want to/are

1. Get fit

2. Start a new hobby

3. Former atheletes (we have many practitioners from dance and theatre backgrounds)

4. Mature beginners (70+)

5. Japan enthusiasts


Existing martial Artists

Many of our members are also talented in other areas of martial arts (Taekwondo, other styles of Karate, etc). 

We accept learning of all forms as it opens the dialogue on the various styles and interpretations in the Japanese martial arts world.


We also have many students who have stopped in their youth and would like to pick Karate once again. It is possible to transfer your previous belt colour with the right amount of dedication, time, and practice.


Start a new hobby!

Many just want to start something new! Dentokan is a great place for this!

Interested in training?

Thanks for submitting! Someone from the Dentokan team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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